The Writing Service for Small Business

Do you have time to write?

For most small business owners the answer is no.

The sheer scope of everything you have to deal with on a daily basis is daunting enough without trying to carve out a few hours every day to write a new blog post, refresh web copy or put together a press release. For most business owners it ranks pretty low on their “to do list”. It’s down there with all the other “would be nice but…” It doesn’t seem as crucial to the day to day operation of your business as something like customer service or inventory management.

But, it’s REALLY important stuff

Today, your success depends on engaging consumers across a variety of digital, social and traditional marketing channels. That means writing. Unless you have a full time marketing person you may have considered adding the content creator hat to the already growing stack on your aching head. You may even have tried it and realized after a few days that you don’t have time to churn out a steady supply of content.


So, why do you need all this content?

Actually, you don’t need content at all, if you’re not interested in:

  • Generating leads
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Raising your brand awareness
  • Increasing sales

Since you are probably interested in these things, you can see why quality content is so vital to your business. And you need fresh content, too. Blogging once a month or occasionally throwing something out on social media isn’t going to do much for your page ranking. The more content you offer, the more pages Google indexes which means more traffic for your website. More is better.

To recap, you need content that is unique and useful. You need a lot of it.

Should you hire a freelancer?

Now, that you understand why you need content and you know you don’t have any extra time to do it yourself, the next question you may have is “who can create it for me”? If you don’t have a budget for someone to do it in-house, an affordable alternative is a freelancer. There a plenty of qualified freelancers out there. That doesn’t mean finding the right one is easy.

Even when you find talented writer who is reliable, chances are they will specialize.

A blogger may not be willing to help you with social media or optimized web copy. SEO writers aren’t likely to create a press release or commercial script. Trying to hire the ideal writer for each job is time-consuming and often yields disappointing results. There are definitely people out there who are willing and able to do it all, but if you don’t have time to write then you don’t have time to search for the people who can.

Why we are different

Write for Your Business is dedicated to solving the content creation challenges of small business people who don’t have the time or inclination to write. With a wide range of writing experience, we are able to save you the time of looking for a different freelancer for everything your business needs

Write for Your Business can handle a wide range of writing projects from press releases and blogs to commercial scripts and social media content. (1)

You have the flexibility of putting us to work on many different projects. Whether it is writing a press release, an article, a video script or a social media post, you receive 100% original content that gets noticed. We also offer superior customer service which is sometimes lacking in the freelance writing community. We communicate with you throughout the process. The project isn’t done until you are satisfied.