Nobody talks that way! Drop the marketese

blahHave you ever seen one of those TV commercials where someone is so obsessed with purchasing a product or service that they behave like a lunatic?

The best (or worst) example I can remember is an ad for a microwavable mac-n-cheese which features the young fan of a particular rock band. He is happily drumming along on the kitchen counter while he waits for his snack to finishing cooking. Suddenly, the doorbell rings.

Who’s at the door? The kid’s favorite band. The drummer is sick and they are looking for a replacement for that night’s show. He’s a drummer! He knows their entire catalog! This is perfect!

He shuts the door in their collective rock-n-roll faces.

His mac-n-cheese is done.

Hyperbolic marketing is a relic. However, the language still pops up in the digital world like a bedbug infestation. It doesn’t linger because that approach continues to work. Marketeers continue to mine the hackneyed phrases of a bygone era because its easy.

Marketese is the language of lazy people who haven’t adapted.

Don’t call yourself “the best” at what you do. Let your clients tell that story for you. The first step to getting to that place with your customers is by offering value. They came to you for a reason. What is it? Are you too busy beating your own chest to care.

Nobody cares as much about your product or service as the kid in the commercial cares about his cheesy treat. Don’t allow your marketing to pretend that they ever could.


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