Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

At one time there was a way to game the SEO system. Load down your website with high traffic keywords and hope search engines would send tons of visitors your way. Sometimes it worked. But what did visitors find when they got to your site? Often not very much actual value. And they never came back.

Today SEO is more sophisticated and geared toward recognizing how much value you offer before opening the floodgates. New search engine algorithms don’t allow for shortcuts.If you aren’t valuable to visitors then you aren’t showing up on Google’s first page or the first thirty ages for that matter. How do you become valuable? You have to become a resource. You have to solve problems. You need to become an authority. This is not to say that keywords aren’t

How do you become valuable? You have to become a resource. You have to solve problems. You need to become an authority. This is not to say that keywords aren’t
important. But you’ve got to have quality content related to those keywords to be successful. That’s where blogging can help. Blogging can help you attract search engine traffic, the kind of traffic that converts and creates fans. Social media is important, but blogging is essential to establishing yourself and growing your audience.

From an SEO standpoint, blogging is just scattering more breadcrumbs across the internet that all lead right back to you. When it comes to best practices in blogging, there a few simple rules to remember.

Blog Often

Maybe not daily but, at least, a few times a week. Search engines like Google love fresh content. One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable for posting regularly is to establish a blogging schedule. For example, Condition yourself to post every Tuesday and every Thursday and stick to it. it. The quicker it becomes a routine the less it feels like a chore and the better you get at it.

Be unique

Whatever your niche is chances are there are already several established blogs devoted to the subject. Don’t believe me? Type your main keywords into Google and be prepared to see several pages of blogs devoted to the same topic. So why try, you ask? Because none of those people are you or have your exact take on the subject. Find your voice. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t post the same old material that’s already out there from a hundred different sources.

If you have a controversial take on something that is sure to ruffle some feathers then share it. But don’t take a position you don’t truly believe. The shelf life on an unauthentic voice is pretty short.

Be social

The act of blogging may be a solitary activity but you can’t expect to win followers if you don’t invite them to participate in the conversation. Invite fellow experts to guest blog. Guest blog yourself. Ask for backlinks and reciprocate. Backlinks are valuable in two ways. They invite followers of other blogs, which presumably are covering the same general topic, to check out what you’re doing.

The second way that backlinks help is by giving search engines one more way to find you. If you have a backlink on a high traffic blog, you get instant cred with Google.
The work of blogging is never done. There is always some new slant to offer. You should always be searching for something helpful to share with your audience. If you can’t find anything then talk about yourself. You’re an expert after all. Explain why you feel so passionate about your subject and why so and so is wrong when he says this or that.

Kick up some dust. Have fun. Be yourself. The search engines are watching.