Wedding Trends for 2015

It’s common knowledge that June is the most popular month for weddings; but why is that?

The roots of this tradition vary from the mystical ( Roman’s married in June to honor Juno, the goddess of marriage) to the unsavory (in ancient times, many people took their annual bath in May and felt they still smelled good enough for close quarters when June rolled around).

Today the popularity of June nuptials has more to do with the months relatively mild temperatures and the fact that school is out, which makes corralling the family for the special day that much easier.

Understandably, June is a busy month for Mary at Wedding Designs as she helps brides realize the wedding of their dreams. She recently took the time to discuss exciting new wedding trends for 2015.

When it comes to colors, gold is the favorite for 2015.

“Gold is back with a vengeance. For so long we saw a lot of Silver, but now we are seeing gold, bronze and warmer colors. I think that trend will continue through this year , and maybe 2016, but I foresee Silver and those kinds of accent colors make a comeback.”

Mary says wedding sizes are running to the extremes.

“We are seeing either small weddings or really large weddings with not many falling in the middle.”

Many brides are opting to put their special day in the hands of professionals such as Wedding Designs rather than doing everything themselves.

“The DIY phase seems to be on the way out. There are still some brides that want to take on everything , especially when it comes to smaller weddings. But, we are seeing more brides who want some help putting the day together,” she says.

Mary is seeing less of the wedding budget being devoted to invitations and save the date announcements and more money being allocated to preserving memories.

“Many brides are using professional photographers and videographers. They are dedicating a bigger portion of the budget to making sure the day is captured according to their artistic vision. This is becoming one of the top priorities, even more important to the bride than the venue,” she explains.

The preponderance of reality shows devoted to weddings and selecting the right gown combined with social media sites like Pinterest have put more inspiration and information at a bride’s disposal than ever before. Mary says this can be helpful as brides search for ideas but it can also lead to unrealistic expectations.

“In terms of budget, the weddings depicted on those shows aren’t typical of what we see here in the Midwest. In the past, it was the decorators job to come with ideas and decor from scratch. Now a bride will come to us with 400 photos. It can sometimes be overwhelming for a bride to have so much information. A bride will come in with big dreams and our job is to execute those dreams while staying within their budget. ”

Wedding Designs invites you to call for a free consultation. They can work with any budget to help brides turn the wedding of their dreams into reality.